Clean! Clean! Clean!

Hello! Long time I’m not posting this blog. Well, yeah, because this blog need some reconstruction and, well… I cleaned some unnecessary posts. So, this blog will be bored as ever. Well, yeah, I’m cleaning it, from the bored posts.


Oh, well, I also have some help from

Elsa-disney-frozen-34989624-500-200Elsa. I think this blog should be as icy as possible, and guess… I will decorate it with some snowflakes. Maybe I can, maybe I can’t. Oh, and also there’s Ariel, who will give you scream-able pose. Check this, this is my favorite:

tumblr_ml93u7n1lG1soni85o1_500Okay, I know that she’s not helping at all. Anyway, see you in the next month with different themes!

elsa ice


Jika sebuah kejujuran dari tulisanku membuat sebuah perubahan besar yang sangat menyayat hatiku, sepertinya aku tak akan menulis lagi dalam jangka waktu yang lama.